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Who Stayed Together From “Married At First Sight” S10? – World news

Who Stayed Together From “Married At First Sight” S10? – World news

The couple that made it to the season’s end and beyond.

Lifetime’s Married at First Sight brought to American TV what is widely practiced in many cultures of the world: marrying total strangers after a third party matches them on the basis of certain traits.


The show brought forth the drama and pitfalls of marrying a total stranger, and it became notorious for having most of the marriages performed at the beginning of the show fail. But from the midst of the sea of incompatible and bickering couples, a lucky few made it to safety ashore, proving that marrying well-matched total strangers isn’t an exercise in futility. 

Of the five couples that tied the knot in Season 10, only one’s knot stayed intact and has only gotten tighter since then. Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd have stayed happily married after first exchanging vows during Season 10’s run in 2020.


Since the start of the season, the couple looked quite compatible and got along quite well. There were minimal disagreements and no full-blown rancorous fights. There were a few sharp turns in the relationship, but they tactfully negotiated such turns and bends.

While the marriages of their peer couples crumbled, this couple came out of season 10 unscathed, and their bond has only strengthened since then. They both progressed in their personal as well as professional lives which enabled them to buy a beautiful home.

After buying their home, they progressed in family expansion. It was an elating moment for the couple when they announced Jessica’s pregnancy in July 2021.

In November 2021, this adorable couple welcomed their first child, a boy named Westin Paul Hurd. “We’re ALL doing great and are healthy, just very tired,” the couple told a magazine. “Thrilled to finally meet him and excited to bring him home.”

“We are very excited that the newest addition to the Hurd fam is going to be a baby boy. Neither of us had a huge preference, but now that we know it’s a boy (we both guessed it would be), we can’t wait to meet the little man,” Jessica further added. “Austin is excited to pass on his passion for baseball and all things sports! And I’m excited to be a mommy!”

Well, this lucky couple has certainly turned into goals for future couples on the show. Jessica and Austin forever!

Jessica and Austin forever!! 🥰😍💖 How did you feel about tonight’s reunion? #MarriedAtFirstSight

02:00 AM – 23 Apr 2020


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