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Walgreens Employee Accused Of Killing Teenage Coworker – World news

Walgreens Employee Accused Of Killing Teenage Coworker – World news

However, several weeks ago, Whitelaw had asked for a change in her work shifts to avoid Johnson. Zunino told investigators that the teenager later requested additional hours and was made aware that the overtime would mean she and Johnson would cross paths.

Johnson’s interest in Whitelaw didn’t seem to be deterred when her boyfriend joined the staff at Walgreens three months ago. Crystal Ishmael, another manager at the store, told police that Johnson began “acting jealous” instead.

On the day of Whitelaw’s death, a customer at the Walgreens store heard a woman screaming and the sound of stalls slamming, she later told authorities. Zunino, the manager, told officers that he had seen Johnson on the store’s surveillance video stacking bins in front of the camera to block its view.

Ishmael told police that during the search for Whitelaw, she had checked outside by a dumpster area where she smelled a “strong odor of bleach” and attempted to gain entry, but walked away after hearing a male voice say he was changing.

Johnson later told police that he was the person Ishmael had talked to by the dumpster and that he was trying to leave. He also admitted to being in the break room and told authorities that he fell in the blood, according to the affidavit.

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Johnson was found by Colorado State Patrol Troopers walking along the interstate. He had scratches on his hands and face and claimed that he had been attacked at Walgreens. He was arrested soon after the troopers learned that he was a suspect in the incident, KKTV reported.

Johnson admitted to police that he previously had a “crush” on Whitelaw but claimed that was no longer the case as he was now involved with Ishmael. Police noted that Ishmael did not mention being in a relationship with Johnson during her interview. Despite video evidence, Johnson denied attempting to obstruct surveillance cameras.

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