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‘The Upshaws’: Kim Fields On ‘Buddy Comedy’ Vibe With Wanda Sykes

‘The Upshaws’: Kim Fields On ‘Buddy Comedy’ Vibe With Wanda Sykes

Kim Fields and Wanda Sykes are bringing sisterly love to Netflix‘s The Upshaws. In Season 2 Part 1, streaming now, Regina Upshaw (Fields) is trying to move forward with husband Bennie Upshaw (Mike Epps), their family, and her career following the chaotic surprise that was Bennie fathering a son with another woman last season. And right at her side through all of the comedic chaos is her sister, Lucretia Turner (Sykes).

In the new episodes, which dropped Wednesday, June 29, the family continues to ride life’s ups and downs together, including new romances, old flames, big dreams, big changes, and all the love and drama that comes with a big family. Fields chatted with TV Insider ahead of The Upshaws Season 2 premiere, sharing what makes Regina and Lucretia’s sisterly antics so entertaining. And the answer’s quite simple: Their off-screen relationship is just as good as their on.

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Take a dive into Regina’s Season 2 plot in The Upshaws with Fields, below.

What’s coming up this season for Regina Upshaw?

Season 1 really laid a tremendous foundation for her. Some of her soil got uprooted — even tossed out, if you will — with the ups and downs that she went through. With this season, there’s replenishing and replacing some soil, there’s getting rid of rotten-a** fruit, but certainly a lot of laughs and a tremendous amount of relatability.

For all of those people that were like, “Wow, [The Upshaws] is so raw, it’s so real,” oh, baby [laughs]. It makes for a wonderful season arc for any actor to portray. I had a phenomenal time this season going deeper with her.

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What can you tease about any new dynamics between the family members?

A number of the family bonds are strengthened; a few key family bonds are strained. But in fine family fashion, after…

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