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The ‘Secret’ To User-Friendly Negotiations: Split The Pie

The ‘Secret’ To User-Friendly Negotiations: Split The Pie

For some people, the very idea of “negotiating” is not just unappealing, it’s downright scary. It’s often tainted with connotations of coercion, pressuring, or even trickery. All those tired clichés about used car salesmen perpetuate the myth that negotiations are something to be dreaded.

In short, negotiating is stressful and can bring out the worst in people.

Barry Nalebuff is working to change that. He knows how to humanize the practice of negotiation and render it comfortably useful to anyone who likes to make the most of every kind of deal.

His book (his seventh) is SPLIT THE PIE: A Radical New Way to Negotiate.

A management professor at Yale University, Barry has earned a 4.9 (out of 5.0) rating in his Introduction to Negotiation course from more than 350,000 learners. In addition to his academic credentials (MIT graduate, Rhodes Scholar, doctorate from Oxford University), he’s a serial entrepreneur. In short, he’s had years of opportunity to practice what he preaches.

Looking for a practical and field-tested way to make the most of your next deal—and maintain good relationships in the process? Listen in on our conversation.

Rodger Dean Duncan: What is it about negotiations that gives so many people sweaty palms?

Barry Nalebuff: People dislike negotiation, and with good reason. They go up against jerks who make low-ball offers, ultimatums, and try to take advantage of them. Some people feel they have to act like a jerk in response. Others are too nice and give away the store. There’s a better way, an approach that brings principles and logic into the negotiation.

Duncan: In a nutshell, how does the “Spilt the Pie” framework differ from other negotiating approaches?

Nalebuff: Negotiation is about creating and…

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