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The Right Way To Contact Big Companies About Your Invention

The Right Way To Contact Big Companies About Your Invention

When you’ve invented a new product, wanting to work with the largest company possible to help you bring it to market is natural. Market leaders have excellent distribution and brand awareness. But getting a large company to agree to license your invention isn’t easy.

Many of these companies don’t want work with inventors because of liability issues. Maybe they’ve been burned by unreasonable inventors in the past. Their R&D departments are large, which makes it’s difficult for them to know exactly what they’re working on at any given time.

They may feel they already have the best and brightest working for them, so why open their doors to work with outside inventors and product developers? This is a version of “not invented here” syndrome, the phenomenon in which ideas that are not generated internally are discounted. Big companies also tend to require idea submissions to be patented, which is an obstacle. That said, some market leaders have truly embraced the benefits of open innovation–and these are the companies that inventors should seek out for licensing consideration.

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But how? Many of these companies have created portals for you to submit your invention ideas. On their websites, you will find buttons that say “submit idea.” They’re tempting–but there is a better way to reach out.

Licensing deals are forged based on personal relationships. Using a portal is like submitting your invention into a black hole. A better strategy is to send a simple three-part message using LinkedIn, which has made reaching out and forging a relationship with decision-makers at leading companies so much easier than it used to be.

First, before you send a single message, I recommend filing intellectual property on your invention, such as a…

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