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Overcrowded UK jails force govt to plan renting prison space in foreign countries

The federal government in UK is reportedly planning to ship convicted criminals in overseas international locations to serve their time in rented jail cells as its personal jails have turn into overcrowded.

This got here as Alex Chalk, Justice Secretary within the UK claimed that he has already began conversations to rent jail area in different international locations.

Official forecasts point out that jails in England and Wales might be overcrowded by the tip of the 12 months, with 87,800 inmates. Renting overseas jail cells will necessitate a authorized change.

“Exploratory negotiations with potential European partners have already taken place and are ongoing,” a Tory official mentioned.

“Accords would mean that convicts in the United Kingdom might be transferred to another country’s prison estate if the facilities, regime, and rehabilitation provided met British requirements.”

In keeping with experiences, a number of different European international locations like Belgium and Norway have used the identical technique and relocated inmates to Netherlands.

Chalk mentioned at a Tory get together convention that the federal government is aiming to lease area in Norway. He additionally claimed that the present authorities is doing greater than anybody have ever completed ‘since the Victorian era’ by way of growing jail area.

“Along with our extra 20,000 jail places initiative, refurbishment of outdated prisons, and fast deployment cells, renting prison places in other countries will ensure that we always have enough room to keep the public safe from the most dangerous offenders,” mentioned the federal government.

In keeping with the Conservatives, Belgium despatched as much as 650 inmates to the Netherlands between 2010 and 2016, whereas Norway despatched a comparable quantity between 2015 and 2018.

The initiative, nevertheless, acquired criticism from Pia Sinha, chief govt of the Jail Reform Belief. She referred to as it a “half-baked idea” and requested for criminals to be launched as a substitute.

“Prison leaders would be dismayed by such a shallow answer to their very serious and pressing problems,” she mentioned.

“For several months, the red warning light of an impending capacity crisis has been blinking on the prison service monitor. Ministers cannot claim that they were not warned,” she added.

She concluded by saying that the federal government should urgently current sensible plans to alleviate strain on the system, together with the chief launch of some prisoners. The risks of not doing so are too nice to miss.



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