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I Watched Every “Breaking Bad” Finale For The First Time – World news

I Watched Every “Breaking Bad” Finale For The First Time – World news

Episode notes:

*Bill Hader’s Stefon voice* This episode had everything: explosions, the cartel, an old guy telling the DEA to suck his dick, nursing homes, Marie, and Saul Goodman. Loved it.

– Disappointed to learn that Walt’s family is still in his life, because I actually like them and don’t want them to get hurt!!!!!!

– Intro to Philosophy essay prompt: Who, exactly, are the bad guys in the episode? Has Walt officially made the transition to “bad” yet? What is “bad,” anyway, and who can make the moral judgment of whether a fellow human is bad? Etc. 🥴

– Absolutely obsessed with the score and New Mexico scenery.

Here’s what I think happened in the rest of Season 4:

– Hmm, I don’t know how much I can say here that I didn’t already say for Season 3. It seems like not a lot of significant changes happened in his home life, and he was back to working for Gus until they double-crossed him (or vice versa).

– I think Saul probably became a major player this season.

– Pretty sure Walt poisoned a kid?! Based on context clues, I’m guessing Jesse has a nephew he loves and Walt poisoned him and blamed it on Gus so Jesse would help Walt kill Gus, aka your classic kill-a-kid-then-kill-a-drug-lord scheme. Textbook.

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– No sign of the creepy hitman from Season 2 and 3, so I’m betting he’s dead.

– Seems like the feds are onto Jesse (and maybe Walt), and Hank’s life was threatened. So going into the Season 5 finale, I bet it’ll all come to a head and Walt will truly… become Bad™️.

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