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Hamas’s ‘homemade’ Qassam rockets cost Rs 3 lakhs a pop, have been designed for maximum chaos

The Qassam rockets utilized by Hamas has turn out to be a very fashionable selection amongst terrorists and militants in West Asia, as they’re simple to make and fireplace, and may be made for as little as Rs 3 lakhs a pop. Nevertheless, they’ve confirmed to be very inaccurate within the Israel-Hamas battle

Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist group, has been a distinguished actor within the Israeli-Palestinian battle for many years. As a part of their armed battle towards Israel, they use a variety of home made weaponry, probably the most notable of which is the Qassam rocket.

First launched by Hamas within the early 2000s, the Qassam rocket is known as after Sheikh Izz ad-Din al-Qassam, an iconic Palestinian nationalist and non secular chief. Initially, the rockets had been very crude and easy in design as a result of they had been home made and value about $800 a pop.

Nevertheless, over time, they’ve advanced each by way of design and efficiency. With every new iteration, Hamas elevated the vary of those rockets. Now, consultants imagine that the rockets price about $3600 or about Rs 3,00,000 a pop.

The Qassam rockets have by no means had a steering system, and it was by design. The Qassam rockets had been by no means supposed for a focused strike. Hamas’ goal was to fireplace an indiscriminate variety of Qassam rockets at Israel and trigger most chaos. Whether or not their rockets hit civilian targets or army ones, didn’t matter.

What goes into making a Qassam rocket?
The Qassam rocket is mainly made up of 4 parts. First, there may be the Launch tube, which is an easy metal or steel tube. These tubes are usually round 3 to 4 meters in size and are buried partially within the floor to behave as launchers.

On the very prime of the rocket is a really rudimentary warhead, which comprises a mixture of home made explosives. The dimensions and composition of the warhead can differ, however it’s usually designed to be small, making it appropriate for short-range strikes.

Then, there’s a set of stabilizing fins, close to the bottom of the rocket, which assist stabilize the rocket’s flight path. These fins are comprised of easy supplies like sheet steel or steel rods.

Lastly, there may be the propellant. The rocket’s propulsion system depends on a strong propellant. The precise composition of the propellant has advanced over time, as Hamas has sought to enhance the rockets’ vary and accuracy.

Ease of fireside has made it a favorite amongst West Asia terrorists
Whereas it was the Hamas that developed the Qassam rocket, the truth that it’s simple to fireplace has made it a favorite amongst terrorist and militant teams across the space.

Usually, Hamas terrorists put together the rocket for launch. The rocket, together with its launch tube, is hid underground or in distant areas to keep away from detection by Israeli safety forces.

When it’s time to launch, the rocket’s strong propellant is ignited. The propellant burns quickly, producing a high-pressure gasoline that propels the rocket upward.

There isn’t any steering system as such so there are not any particular targets. The rockets are simply pointed in the direction of the goal, that’s Israel, and fired. The stabilizing fins assist information the rocket’s flight path, permitting it to take care of a comparatively straight trajectory in the direction of its supposed goal.

The explosive warhead is designed to detonate upon affect, and trigger as a lot harm as it could in a small space. The accuracy of Qassam rockets has traditionally been low on accuracy, making them extra of a psychological weapon than a precision software.

Qassam Rockets: Then and Now
Hamas has frequently sought to enhance the efficiency of its Qassam rockets. Over time, they’ve made a number of developments, Early Qassam rockets had a really quick vary, limiting their effectiveness. Hamas has steadily elevated the rocket’s vary, permitting them to focus on areas deeper inside Israel. Moreover, the explosive energy of Qassam warheads has additionally been enhanced, permitting for extra destruction.

Hamas has developed numerous variations of the Qassam rocket, together with the Qassam-2 Qassam-3, and Qassam-4. All of those rockets have mainly the identical options — solely the size of the rocket has been modified, which permits for extra strong gas, and due to this fact an extended vary.

The usage of home made rockets just like the Qassam poses important challenges within the Israeli-Palestinian battle. Their indiscriminate nature makes them a menace to civilian populations on either side.



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