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Western Allies Meet Again, For Nato Summit

Western Allies Meet Again, For Nato Summit

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From the Bavarian heights of Schloss Elmau to summery Madrid, western leaders are back at the negotiating table, this time in a Nato context. We’ll hear what the discussions will focus on today, after last night’s decision by Turkey to drop its objection to the Swedish and Finnish membership bids, paving the way for the Nordic duo to become part of the alliance.

Environment ministers in Luxembourg agreed on their negotiating position on a law against deforestation and were locked in long discussions on the bloc’s Fit for 55 climate package.

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Staying with the climate topic, the European Investment Bank has run the numbers and found very slim pickings when it comes to companies’ energy efficiency investments.

Beefing up the eastern flank

Another day, another summit, as the western alliance caravan rolls into the Spanish capital under the Nato banner, writes Henry Foy in Madrid.

Hot on the heels of the EU and G7 meetings, Nato leaders are set for two days of talks aimed at cementing its “strategic concept” for the next decade, a document that sounds like bureaucrat-speak but will have large ramifications for the defence of eastern Europe, military spending, Nato’s relations with China and its efforts to tackle climate change.

Emmanuel Macron, Mario Draghi and Olaf Scholz have spent the best part of the past six days sitting around various sized tables in Brussels and Bavaria talking about the war in Ukraine and its myriad fallout. That continues today, but their thoughts will focus more precisely on how exactly Nato’s eastern flank…

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