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Couple lands huge drum on their wedding night – World news

Couple lands huge drum on their wedding night – World news

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A newlywed bride is celebration a big catch she landed on her wedding night, and we’re not talking about her husband.

San Antonio’s Eliot and Earnie Granville said after the wedding, they were discussing what to do on their wedding night.

Eliot suggested they go fishing, so they drove to Red Dot Pier on JFK Causeway.

Eliot decided to leave her wedding dress on because she wanted to keep her wedding day going.

They arrived at Red Dot Pier just before 11 p.m. Sunday, and in just a few minutes, Eliot Granville felt a tug.

She said it didn’t feel like a big fish, but when she started to reel it in, she knew it was going to be a large catch.

“It took me about 10 minutes I’d say, 10-15 minutes of, you know, messing with him and fighting with him to try and get him in,” Eliot said.

And that first look revealed a huge black drum.

Courtesy photo

“I had to lean down and pick up its tail, and we got it on the dock but yeah, for sure, memorable wedding night,” Earnie Granville said.

Earnie had to borrow a net from some other people who were fishing in order to bring the fish in, and they didn’t have a scale, either, so the drum’s weight is a mystery.

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Eliot thinks it weighed between 40-50 pounds. She caught it with dead shrimp.

As for the drum: It lives to fight another day, the newlyweds decided to let it go.

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