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Celebs From The 2000s Aussie Teens Obsessed Over – World news

Celebs From The 2000s Aussie Teens Obsessed Over – World news

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Teens today won’t know the excitement of buying a mag purely to get your hands on a poster of your celeb boyfriend.


Jesse McCartney

Twitter: @spunkycan, teenstarsforeverpinups.com

When serenading posters were still a thing:

“I don’t want another pretty face,
I don’t want just anyone to hold,
I don’t want my love to go to waste,
I want you and your beautiful sooouuul!”


Lincoln Lewis

Sergio Dionisio / Getty Images

This blonde beach babe? The best part about Home and Away


Hilary Duff


When it came to Hilary Duff, fans were all in. Lizzie McGuire movie? Tick. Metamorphosis album? Tick. “Stuff by Hilary Duff” branded clothes? Tick. With Love…Hilary Duff perfume? Tick. Kissing a coin and throwing it into the Trevi Fountain as an adult? Tick!


Delta Goodrem

Twitter: @Krazy_Kritter91

Basically the Aussie version of Hilary Duff, no? Delta’s Innocent Eyes album was always there when our tween worlds came crashing down and honestly, we’d all be “Lost Without You”.


The Jonas Brothers

Hameda Nafiz / BuzzFeed

The Jonas Brothers were everything in the mid-2000s and you couldn’t mention them without a high pitch squeal practically rupturing your eardrum.


Zac Efron

if you ever feel embarrassed just know my room looked like this when i was 13 years old. yes it’s all zac efron. every single poster. this was real life. in my actual bedroom.

06:55 PM – 14 Sep 2021

Twitter: @witnessmattt

MY god, it started with his High School Musical hit and ended with, well, never. We’re still just as obsessed with Zac.


Christina Aguliera

Rolling Stone / ebay.com.au

The 2002 poster etched into many minds and a real motivator for learning the electric guitar.


And you couldn’t have Christina without Britney Spears


She be acting all “You wanna a piece of me?” A true icon to this day and among the thousands of versions of Britney stuck to bedroom walls, it was pretty much guaranteed she’d be rocking an exposed midriff. 


Adam Brody

Never thought I’d see the day when I decided to take my Seth Cohen poster down 😔 #AdamBrodyforlife

09:14 PM – 22 Aug 2014

Twitter: @brochill69

Well, really it was The O.C’s Seth Cohen who we fell in love with. The cutest nerd ever.


Paris Hilton

Twitter: @_sexmachine69

For better or worse, the princess of pink who claimed everything was hot was front and centre in the early 2000s and is still living her best life today. 


Shannon Noll


Ok, maybe not obsessed with Shannon Noll himself, but we were definitely obsessed with his version of “What About Me?” *Flashback to school social.*



Mom just regretfully reminded me that I used to kiss the abs on this poster of Usher hanging on my wall every day before school

07:03 PM – 05 Oct 2016

Twitter: @Leah_blom

It wouldn’t be an Usher poster with a shirt on.


Amanda Bynes

shorturl.at / Via eBay

Okay, who else just absolutely wanted to be her?! 


Chad Michael Murray

Twitter: @frannnie

This guy just never seemed to age and had us falling in love over and over again each time we saw him appear as Austin Ames in A Cinderella Story and Lucas Scott in One Tree Hill. A true 2000s heartthrob. 


Miranda Kerr

amazon.com / Via Amazon

Everyone’s favourite model and probably about the only person in the world to pull off that *emerging from the water* vibe with grace.


Leonardo Dicaprio


With a charm that’s lived on for decades, it was almost a rite of passage for teen girls of the ’90s and ’00s to kiss a young Leo in poster form and proclaim that HE was THEIR boyfriend. No one else’s. 


Jessica Simpson


Instant flashbacks to The Dukes of Hazzard and the song “Take My Breath Away”, which we (regretfully) played on repeat. 


Ashlee Simpson

Twitter: @AldoMaven

Couldn’t be more different from her sister and we loved her for it. Her look was super refreshing and you bet I belted “Pieces of Me” on Singstar at every given opportunity.


Jessica Alba

amazon.com / Via Amazon

Major heart eyes. Every time.


Paul Walker


Our dream boy and yes, the only reason 90% of us gals watched The Fast and the Furious. We miss him still. 


Taylor Lautner

Twitter: @fIatearther

What we would have done to run our fingers through that spiky, ultra-gel porcupine hair IRL. 


Destiny’s Child


Specifically, this poster of them all triumphantly linking hands. 


The Olsen Twins

shorturl.at / Via Ebay

The trendy duo that had us all wishing we had a twin sister. 


Ryan Gosling


Pure boyfriend material and responsible for setting the bar really high for future relationships.


And finally, Beau Brady

Sneak Magazine

And when Bec Hewitt and him broke up, you were certain your time had come. 

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