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‘Buckhead Shore’ Cast On Why You Should Watch Their ‘Lake Life’ MTV Reality Show

‘Buckhead Shore’ Cast On Why You Should Watch Their ‘Lake Life’ MTV Reality Show

Jerzdays are about to get buck wild with the addition of Buckhead Shore. Joining the original Jersey Shore, Floribama Shore, and other incarnations around the world, MTV’s latest reality series chronicles “Lake Life” for longtime friends in Atlanta’s upscale Buckhead, Georgia.

JuJu Barney, Katie Canham, Savannah Gabriel, Adamo Giraldo, Parker Lipman, Bethania Locke, Pat Muresan, Chelsea Prescott, and DJ Simmons head to the lake for their annual summer gathering. Only this time, cameras are following the fun and drama. At the center is Lipman, whose family owns Zaxby’s chicken fast-food chain. The “head buck” finds himself with his girlfriend Gabriel and ex Canham under one roof. What could go wrong?

Ahead of the premiere, we sat down with members of the cast to talk about why their show is a Shore watch.

Bethania, I know you came from a strict household. How did the parents respond to the idea of you doing reality TV?

Bethania Locke: Yeah, my parents were definitely like, what is this about? They weren’t sure what it was going to be, but they ended up being supportive. My mom is on it with me, too. They ended up rallying behind me.

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Adamo, you’re coming out to loved ones. How is it knowing your experience might potentially help others?

Adamo Giraldo: I know a lot of people deal with that in wanting to come out but have fear of the backlash and maybe losing their families. I don’t want to say I took one for the team, but I felt it was important to show other people you’re not the only one going through it.

There is certainly a unique house dynamic with people who have been dating and now are dating. Parker, Katie, and Savannah talk about how you managed to coexist.

Parker Lipman: It is definitely a sticky situation, to say the least.


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