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‘Bravery, camaraderie, training… Israel will prevail’: IDF chief pumps up troops in letter ahead of ground invasion

Israeli troopers patrol a highway close to the border between Israel and Lebanon, Monday, Oct. 16, 2023. AP

The Israeli troopers have been combating towards Hamas terrorists since October 7 after the latter made a shock and unprecedented assault towards Israel.

Because the Israeli troopers put together for a floor offensive towards the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) chief of Employees has written a letter to troopers and commanders, saying, “IDF will prevail because our war is just.”

Within the letter, on the eleventh consecutive day of the Israel-Hamas conflict, IDF Chief of the Basic Employees LTG Herzi Halevi mentioned, “We destroyed enemy infrastructure, leadership and capabilities and caused significant damage. We will pursue and catch them everywhere and will strike them with force.”

“We are determined and unified in our mission to protect our home and are prepared for any situation at every front. Our uncompromising responsibility is to overwhelm the enemy and restore security everywhere,” the letter learn.

‘IDF will prevail’

Addressing Israeli troopers, the IDF’s Chief of the Basic Employees mentioned, “We took a hard hit and we are responsible, but now the initiative is in our hands. Every single one of you has a role in the challenges we face ahead. The war will be difficult and long and the IDF will prevail.”

“The IDF will prevail because of our dedication to the mission, our bravery, and our camaraderie. The IDF will prevail because our war is just. The IDF will prevail thanks to the might of the nation we are a part of. We will prevail because of our abilities and because we trained for this mission,” the letter learn.

“We will prevail, and in everything that we do we will act according to the IDF spirit and its values. We will remember our comrades, soldiers, commanders, security forces; the rapid response team and the civilians that bravely stormed the enemy, and courageously fought and saved many lives,” the IDF chief of the Basic Employees mentioned.

“They fought and paid with their lives, but their blood was not absorbed into the soil in vain; they are our legacy, and we will continue their mission,” the letter mentioned.

‘IDF was and nonetheless the protector of Israel’

The letter additional learn, “The Israeli people have faced hardships before. The IDF was and still is the protector of the nation, and we are a generation of fighters that are another link in the chain of generations of protectors of the country. Our power, determination and unity will prevail in this chapter of history as well.”

The letter ended with a motivational assertion by Israel’s chief of the Basic Employees saying, “The citizens of Israel trust in you. I trust in you. Be strong and of the courage.”

In the meantime, the Israeli navy has amassed armored automobiles on the outskirts of Gaza in preparation for a ground-based assault. Israeli authorities have mentioned any floor offensive on Gaza would depend upon a “political decision”.

In preparation for a possible assault, Israel, together with the mixed may of IDF and Israeli Air Drive (IAF), has deployed over 400,000 reservists.



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