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Bolt from the blue: Melbourne hit by ‘something’ that crashed from skies with deafening explosion

An amazing explosion that reverberated all through Melbourne’s north on Wednesday evening is shrouded in thriller.

CCTV footage displaying a flash of sunshine and a bang-like sound was shared on social media by a Doreen resident who heard the sound at 9 o’clock at evening whereas getting out of his automobile.

Residents are searching for data on what has been described as a “massive explosion” on social media, with others believing that it was brought on by a meteorite.

One Mernda-area consumer stated, “Ok, massive explosion wasn’t how I expected tonight to go.” “What on earth was that?”

One other consumer retorted, assuming that the roadworks had been the supply of the “loud af” sound.

It’s unknown the place this music and lightweight originated.

Astronomer Dr. Brad Tucker of the Australian Nationwide College informed 3AW that the “flash associated with this boom” suggests {that a} meteor is almost definitely the supply.

Based on Tucker, there was a risk that an astroid broke off, traveled by house, and collided with Earth’s environment.



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