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Analysis | Understanding The Juul Ban And Concerns About Teen Vaping

Analysis | Understanding The Juul Ban And Concerns About Teen Vaping
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The developers of the Juul e-cigarette say they created the device to help adult smokers quit. But their product achieved enormous success, becoming the top-selling e-cigarette in the US in two years, in part by attracting a huge following among kids younger than 18, who aren’t legally allowed to purchase such products. Now, the nation’s Food and Drug Administration has banned Juul Labs Inc.’s products from the market, noting their “disproportionate role in the rise in youth vaping.”

It’s a vaping device containing a battery that heats nicotine liquid. The user inhales nicotine, an addictive alkaloid present in tobacco, and exhales aerosol. There’s no burning tobacco and thus no smoke or tar. The Juul has a sleek design. It’s made of brushed aluminum and resembles a USB flash drive. Because it’s small, the underage vaper can palm it, discreetly take a hit when a teacher or parent isn’t looking, and breathe the aerosol into a sleeve or collar. Originally, Juul refills came in tasty flavors such as mango and creme. 

2. How common is teen vaping? 

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More than 13% of middle- and high-school students said they vaped within the previous month, according to a national survey published in October. More than 80% of those students said they used flavored e-cigarettes. Fruit flavors were the most popular, followed by candy ones. In 2020, the FDA essentially barred flavors except tobacco and menthol in e-cigarettes such as the Juul that use a replaceable cartridge (or pod) filled with nicotine liquid. But disposable e-cigarettes and liquids for refillable open-tank systems weren’t covered. (Michael R. Bloomberg, the majority owner of Bloomberg LP, the parent company of Bloomberg News, has funded efforts…

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