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12 Wholesome Bollywood Dad Moments – World news

12 Wholesome Bollywood Dad Moments – World news


Irrfan Khan’s last ever dialogue from Angrezi Medium:

Maddock Films

When, at the end of Angrezi Medium, Irrfan Khan said this incredibly moving dialogue and we got to witness just how much his character had grown as a person and a father:

“Bachpan mein bacha hamari ungli pakad ke chale hai taake bheed mein kho na jave…aur jis din woh hamari ungli chhod de, toh aise laage jaise hum hi kho gaye ho. Par baat bhi hai bhaisaab…jab talak balak aapki ungli chhodega nahi, tab talak aake gale kaise lagavega!”


When Rohit’s father chose Shalini’s happiness over that of his son’s in Dil Chahta Hai:

Excel Entertainment

This scene really had us all thinking that it might go somewhere else, but Rohit’s father actually said, “Agar tum hume khush karna chahti ho toh…Aakash se shaadi kar lo”, and chose Shalini’s happiness over that of his own son, who, let’s admit was kind of an ass.


Duggal Sir almost taking a bribe for his kids in Do Dooni Chaar:

Walt Disney Pictures

“Khali fees bharne se papa hone ki duty poori nahi hoti; papa ki duty hoti hai bachchon ki khushiyan.”

This extremely relatable family had the most adorable dad, who tried incredibly hard to make his kids happy, so much so, that he almost took a bribe and went against all his morals to give his kids the life (and the car) they wanted.


Piku’s father being the feminist dad we all need at some point:

MSM Motion Pictures

While Piku had many iconic dialogues, this one stayed with me for a while: “Shaadi bura nahi hai, lekin purpose hona chaiye. Husband ko sirf yeh chaiye ki wife should serve food in the day and sex in the night. Kintu, mahila sirf iske liye bana hai? NO!”

Piku was a strong, independent woman who didn’t really need saving, but it was refreshing to see that this desi dad constantly encouraged his daughter to know that she was more than just an object and needed to have her own opinions.


Anupam Kher as the cool dad in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge:

Yash Raj Films

Anupam Kher’s character in DDLJ was the OG cool dad who let his son travel, despite failing, and even encouraged him to follow his love. 

Just like every cool dad has their sensei moment, this was his: “Mohabbat ka naam aaj bhi mohabbat hai; yeh na kabhi badli hai aur na kabhi badlegi”. Raj actually had his “jaa jee le apni zindagi” realisation way before Simran!


Bunny’s father supporting him in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani:

Dharma Productions

When Bunny’s father said, “Zindagi mein chahe jo ho jaaye…kuch bhi, mai humesha tumhare saath hu”, and let Bunny go out into the world to follow his dreams, knowing he’ll always have his father to depend on, even though he’d be a tad lonely as a result, always gets me.


When Geeta finally won the gold towards the end of Dangal:

UTV Motion Pictures

When Geeta finally won that gold, after years of training and ups and downs, all her father had to say was, “Shabaash”, in order to bring us all to tears, because it felt like we practically lived this journey with the Phogat family.


Jai Prakash becoming a nanny in Chachi 420:

Raaj Kamal Films International

“Mai bardasht karna jaanta hu…aur saans lena bhi.”

My heart truly broke while watching the scene in which Kamal Haasan’s character is separated from his child in court. But Jai Prakash going to extreme (and weird) lengths to see his child more often and keep his family together, smashing gender roles way ahead of his time, in the process, makes this fun movie worth rewatching. If you haven’t seen Chachi 420 already, you must!


When Amol and Auro bonded and got to know each other in Paa:

MAD Entertainment

It was heartwarming to see Auro and Amol bonding in Paa, without Amol knowing that he was actually Auro’s father. While this family had its share of good and bad times, it was so wholesome watching their relationship grow and Amol quickly accepting Auro as his son.


Sachin Sandhu supporting his daughter in Thappad:

Benaras Media Works

“Hum toh hamesha sahi hi soch ke karte hai, par kayi baar sahi karne ka result happy nahi hota.”

Throughout the film, Sachin Sandhu stood by his daughter when nobody else did. He let Amrita trust herself and not make compromises, but also reminded her that while what she was doing was the right thing, the consequences may not be easy to deal with.


Farhan’s father letting him follow his passion in 3 Idiots:

Vinod Chopra Films

When Farhan’s father finally let go of his set ideas for his son’s happiness and tells him to return the laptop and buy a professional camera to follow his passion, I felt like 3 Idiots got its very own DDLJ moment with, “Jaa bete, apni zindagi jee le.”


Aisha’s father encouraging her to express her love in Aisha:

Anil Kapoor Films Company

“Apne dil ki baat batana bohot zaroori hota hai…batana padta hai beta!”

While Aisha was a movie with a lot of first world problems, this exchange towards the end between Aisha and her father is really cute! Him being the understanding and encouraging father he always has been and imparting wisdom over gajar ka halwa, all to push his daughter to go after her love, was wonderful to watch.

Which one was your favourite? Which ones did we miss? Share in the comments!

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