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10 Best Ever Taskmaster Tasks From The Reality Show, Ranked

10 Best Ever Taskmaster Tasks From The Reality Show, Ranked

Currently in its 13th season and recently launching its it’s own streaming service (Taskmaster Supermax+), it’s fair to say that Taskmaster is immensely popular. What makes the show unique is its ability to turn silliness into serious competition. Unlike most panel games, contestants want to win.

Great Taskmaster tasks can inspire panic in even the sharpest comic minds. Some rise to the challenge, producing moments of brilliance or lunacy that even they didn’t see coming, whilst others slowly die of confusion, despite Little Alex Horne assuring them that “all the information is on the task.” What makes a task the best is that it either inspires variety or creates iconic moments that continue to be discussed amongst fans for years afterward.


10 Train Yard Hide And Seek (Season 8: Episode 1)

Some tasks just make funny people do funny things. Some are epic, some simple. However, none looked more fun to take part in than this. Tasked with crossing a train yard, remaining unseen by Alex (hiding on a bridge, popping up to look every ten seconds), this task feels like route one on paper. It’s hide and seek.

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What makes it special is the number of wonderful moments it created that can only come from a Taskmaster task. That is in part due to the longer format (it takes time to complete), allowing contestants to showcase their skills and their unique comedic styles; from awkward and sweet (Joe Thomas trying to befriend Alex) to bafflingly surreal (Lou Sanders hiding in a trash can).

9 Watercooler Moment (Season 5: Episode 5)

A “watercooler moment” is something interesting or exciting that gets people talking around the watercooler…

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