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Wondermed pulls $4,600K out of a hole to ply you with ketamine – TechCrunch

Wondermed pulls ,600K out of a hole to ply you with ketamine – TechCrunch

For those of us who’ve been a little bit wobbly on the mental health front over the past couple of years, there are a bunch of options starting to crop up. The on-demand chat-based therapy options are one, and at-home ketamine-assisted treatments are another. We’ve seen Mindbloom and Fieldtrip Health taking pole position, and recently, Wondermed announced it raised $4.6 million to join the ketamine-powered bandwagon.

The services are all minor variations on a very similar theme. You sign up and give them some money, and are taken through a telemedicine protocol to figure out whether ketamine is a reasonable treatment option for you. If yes, a small parcel turns up at the door, and you’re invited, with various degrees of supervision, to drop in, disassociate, and face your inner demons.

I write light-heartedly about this, but ketamine treatment completely changed my life, for reasons that I’m not entirely comfortable writing about in a place where everyone can read it. Suffice it to say; I’m a little suspicious of how ‘easy’ it is to get approved for at-home Ketamine treatment — my experience with Mindbloom reminded me of the early days of the medical marijuana process, where you’d essentially have to try pretty hard not to be approved — but the mental health breakthroughs I experienced in the treatments are undeniable.

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Wonder Sciences is joining the rapidly filling market with its Wondermed product, and what it calls “the most accessible ketamine solution on the market,” which, as far as I can tell, is mostly based on price. It claims it is available at an introductory rate of $249 per month. Mindbloom is slightly more expensive ($1,000 or so for the first 3 months, which works out to around $333 per month. For…

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