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Warehouse Wars – TechCrunch

Warehouse Wars – TechCrunch

Welp. Three straight weeks of work travel amid a seemingly endless pandemic finally caught up with me. Forgive me, as I’m writing this under the influence of green tea and antivirals, so thank you in advance to the regularly Herculean efforts of our copy editor, David. Apparently the old adage of things happening in Vegas staying in Vegas doesn’t extend to viral loads.

After managing to stave off COVID for the past couple of years, it’s fitting that I get to write about our fulfillment panel through the brain fog, as a strong case can be made that the category has benefited from pandemic-fueled automation more than any other.

It also comes a week after I devoted a chunk of this column to Amazon’s robotics play, which had an accelerating effect on the category years before the pandemic. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ll be speaking with Amazon’s VP Global Robotics, Fulfillment, Joseph Quinlivan, at our upcoming robotics event, as well as United States Labor Secretary Marty Walsh — on separate panels, mind.

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The pair may well have diverging perspectives when it comes to the future of human labor, but one thing they’ll no doubt agree on is the fact that an automated future is inevitable. It’s happening right now, in warehouses across the world, and here in the U.S., three companies are helping lead that charge. I’m happy to report that we managed to get them all on a single panel at next month’s event.

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On July 21, Locus Robotics CEO Rick Faulk, Fetch founder/Zebra Technologies VP Melonee Wise and Berkshire Grey SVP Jessica Moran will discuss how the category has evolved over the past several years, what the future looks like for fulfillment and how third-party robotics companies can help retail get a leg up against the…

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