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The Best Horror Movies on Hulu in 2022

The Best Horror Movies on Hulu in 2022

From major new releases to obscure cult classics, Hulu has horror movies for casual viewers and hardcore fans alike. Here are some of the best horror movies to stream on Hulu.

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Bad Hair

Dear White People creator Justin Simien comes up with a different kind of satire in Bad Hair, a period piece set in the world of cable TV in 1989. It’s a pitch-perfect recreation of an “urban” music video network, where the pressure to fit in drives young employee Anna (Elle Lorraine) to get hair extensions. Unfortunately, those hair extensions are demonically possessed and hungry for blood (but they look great).

Drag Me to Hell

In between big blockbuster projects, director Sam Raimi returned to his horror roots with the delightfully nasty Drag Me to Hell. Alison Lohman plays a bank employee who finds herself cursed when she denies a strange old woman’s request for a mortgage extension. Raimi puts his protagonist through all manner of terrors, teasing her possible salvation and then cruelly but entertainingly snatching it away.

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47 Meters Down

There are seemingly dozens of terrible shark-attack movies released every year, but 47 Meters Down is a reminder that these stories can still be intense and gripping. The plot here is simple: Two sisters on vacation in Mexico sign up for a cage-diving experience to see sharks up close, but the cage’s cable breaks, and they sink 47 meters down to the bottom of the ocean. It’s a harrowing survival thriller, capturing the visceral danger of undersea predators.

Let the Right One In

Swedish vampire drama, Let the Right One…

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