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Stop Using Your Tablet Like an eReader – Review Geek

Stop Using Your Tablet Like an eReader – Review Geek
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The popularity of Kindles and other eReaders took a nosedive once tablets went mainstream. And that’s a shame. While I don’t blame anyone for reading a book on their iPad, you bookworms would have a much better experience on an eReader. I’m talking about reduced eyestrain, fewer distractions, and a months-long battery life.

An eReader Is Easier on the Eyes

The Amazon Kindle e-reader.

Focusing on any nearby object for an extended period is bad for your eyes. It doesn’t matter if that object is a book, a tablet, a smartphone, or an eReader—they can all contribute to eyestrain and headaches with excessive use. We spoke with optometrists, and hey, they confirmed this fact.

So, eyestrain is a natural result of reading for extended periods. The only way to avoid this eyestrain, aside from taking regular breaks, is to read on a medium that doesn’t bother your eyes too much.

It just happens that eReaders use E Ink displays, which mimic the look of paper. These screens don’t need a bright backlight, they have a non-reflective matte finish, and they’re easy to read in direct sunlight. In other words, E Ink is practically the opposite of the LCD technology that’s used in most tablets.

Now, some people believe that LCD screens contribute to eyestrain because they have a bright backlight. That’s only partially true. Using a really bright screen in a dark room will obviously give you a headache, but readability seems to be the key factor here. Optometrists agree that using an LCD in direct sunlight (where it’s hard to see) forces you to squint and strain. Screen glare can also reduce readability, and contrast that’s too intense (or too dull) can make text difficult to read.

An E Ink display eliminates some of these problems. Not only do eReaders work…

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