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Our 10 Favorite Game Deals From the Steam Summer Sale 2022

Our 10 Favorite Game Deals From the Steam Summer Sale 2022
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It’s that Steam Summer Sale time of year again and there are piles and piles of games on sale. From fun storylines to high replayability, here are some great titles to scoop up at a discount. The sale runs from June 23 to July 7, 2022.

Some Steam Sale Tips

While we’ve done the legwork for you here to pick out some great games at great prices, before we dig in, let us share some tips on scoring good Steam deals.

First, we can’t say enough good things about installing the Playnite game manager to help see your game collection across stores and platforms. What does that have to do with saving on Steam purchases? It stops you from purchasing a game on Steam you already got through an Epic Store giveaway or somewhere else.

Second, do check out our roundup of Steam deal-hunting tips to ensure you’re getting the best possible deals on the games that catch your eye.

Our Favorite Deals From the Steam SUmer Sale 2022

That said, we’ve grabbed some games from the vast pile ‘o deals out there during the Steam Summer Sale 2022 that we can personally vouch for and think you’ll enjoy.

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These games are both overwhelmingly popular among the staff here as well as among the general Steam player base and game critics too. So if you’re looking at the hundreds of discounted games and unsure which one to snatch up, we’re sure at least one of these picks will give you something to kill some hours with.

Hades — $24.99 $14.99 (40% Off) — Rogue-like games aren’t for everybody, but if the sometimes punishing gameplay of the rogue-like genre is right up your alley it’s worth checking out the wildly popular Hades. The award-winning game is a dungeon-crawler from the creators of equally fantastic games Bastion, <a…

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