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Remember the Scariest Film on Disney Plus?

Remember the Scariest Film on Disney Plus?

For a family-friendly streaming service full of classic kids films, Disney Plus hides some seriously traumatic memories: Bambi’s mother. The end of Toy Story 3. Everything about that awful Home Alone reboot.

But for my money, the scariest film on Disney Plus is… The Black Hole.

This 1979 chiller was one of many sci-fi movies Hollywood rushed into production to capitalize on the popularity of Star Wars (now also part of Disney’s catalog, ironically). Films like Battle Beyond the Stars and The Last Starfighter or TV shows like Buck Rogers and Battlestar Galactica were squarely aimed at kids. But while Disney made sure The Black Hole boasted cute droids and a few laser gun shootouts, it’ll remind you less of clean-cut Star Wars fun and more of a darker sci-fi film that came out the same year: Ridley’s Scott’s Alien.

Like Alien, The Black Hole is essentially a haunted house movie in space. The film opens with foreboding music and slow-burning visuals, including spaceships which are more like menacing shadowy hulks than the swooping toys seen in Star Wars. Even the good guys’ ship is introduced by slowly looming from the abyss, creepily blotting out the stars and filling the screen with blackness. It’s like the opening shot of Star Wars in negative.

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When their ship encounters the titular rip in space, the crew spend several moments discussing its terrifying power. One intones that the cosmic phenomenon is “straight out of Dante’s Inferno”. And that’s…

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