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Everything You Need to Make Your Own Fancy Felt Desk Pad – Review Geek

Everything You Need to Make Your Own Fancy Felt Desk Pad – Review Geek
Josh Hendrickson

Whether you work from home or in an office, a mousepad is a must. And in my opinion, the bigger, the better. If you want something large and made of fine materials, it can get expensive quickly. But why buy a fancy felt desk pad when you can make your own?

I’ve always preferred oversized mousepads, the kind so big it will fit underneath your keyboard and mouse. They help keep my desk clean, feel soft on my wrists, and make the overall space look better. The main problem with desk pads is that they are often costly, ugly, or both. Even when I find one that fits my aesthetics and budget, it’s usually an awkward size that doesn’t fit my desk well.

That’s when I saw a felt desk pad you can buy in multiple sizes. It’s beautiful, big enough to sit under my keyboard and mouse without taking up too much space, and it’s… way too expensive still, at $70 plus shipping. Getting that trifecta is hard. So it finally occurred to me: make your own. The desk felt pad we’ve featured is just felt applied to a cork board. I thought it couldn’t be too difficult. And good news, I was right!

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The Materials You Will Need

A Cricut machine next to felt, cork board, and cutting implements
Josh Hendrickson

To make your felt pad, you’ll want a few items. While you theoretically could just lay felt down on your desk and call it a day, it won’t be an enjoyable experience. Felt on its own isn’t stable enough to hold in place well while you move a mouse around and bang away at your keyboard.

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So the first thing you’ll want to buy is a cork backing. To make the process easier, you’ll want to get an idea of how large your felt pad is going to be and order something bigger than that. It will also help a great deal down the road if you purchase a cork piece with adhesive backing. Otherwise, you’ll have to mess around…

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