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Daily Authority: 👋 What I’ve learned

Daily Authority: 👋 What I’ve learned

Jared Wilder / Android Authority

☕ Good morning! Goodbye and thanks for all the fish, and for listening to me rave about coffee most mornings. (Hooray for coffee! It literally lowers the risk of early death! Of death!)

What I learned writing this newsletter…

TCL Plex hands on white in hand phone call up to ear

Okay! So first of all, The Daily Authority will continue and long may it reign. (From what I’ve seen there’s a roster of new faces from AA’s news and features team ready to tackle the daily tech newsletter from different angles, so expect a lively newsletter ahead. And yep that’s my face, saying bye on a TCL Plex from 2019!)

Before that, some farewell notes from me! A few things I’ve been thinking about that have come together as I’ve been thinking about the tech space in general.

Waiting for the next-gen:

  • It’s always so tempting to wait for the next thing. The next-generation smartphone with the next-gen chipset, the next laptop with a next-gen CPU, the next game console, the next update to TVs …waiting for the next-gen is a habit.
  • The newer thing is always more exciting, with 10% more speed, 8% better efficiency, 16% tougher glass… the truth is it’s usually overhyped and the older one is just as good and available now.
  • It’s almost never worth upgrading from one gen to another. But we always do it: we’re always convinced that the next big thing will be worth it.
  • I think the wait is usually only worthwhile if it’s a major one; like the first major refresh to a MacBook Pro in years.
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Buying advice: 

  • Never buy the base model of anything — always upgrade to the next level for more RAM, and more storage space.
  • Why?
  • The key here is that companies send devices to reviewers for thorough tests and, before you ask, at respected publications it is a fair, honest review process.
  • But the catch…

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