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Meta Quest 3, next-gen Mixed Reality headset launched, ahead of expected debut of the Apple Reality Pro headset at WWDC

On Thursday, Meta Quest introduced their latest mixed reality headset, Meta Quest 3. This next-generation device is powered by an upgraded Snapdragon chipset, promising double the graphical performance compared to its predecessor, the Meta Quest 2. The headset features redesigned Touch Plus controllers that eliminate the need for outer tracking rings and includes support for TruTouch haptics from the Meta Quest Pro.

Interestingly, this advanced headset release comes just days ahead of the anticipated launch of Apple’s first mixed reality headset, the Apple Reality Pro.

Meta has announced that a forthcoming software update will enhance the CPU and GPU performance of the Quest 2 and Quest Pro headsets. These devices will also receive dynamic resolution scaling support, enabling higher pixel density without compromising frame rates. Meta plans to offer the Quest 2 and Quest Pro alongside their upcoming Quest 3 headset.

Meta Quest 3: Price

The 128GB model of the Meta Quest 3 is priced at $499.99 (approximately Rs. 41,200). The headset is scheduled to be released in the autumn season, and Meta is anticipated to reveal information about pre-orders and sale dates during its annual Meta Conference, commencing on September 27th.

Meanwhile, Meta has announced a price reduction for the current-generation Quest 2 VR headset. Starting from June 4th, the headset will be available at a retail price of $299.99 (approximately Rs. 24,700), returning to its previous price point. This adjustment comes nearly a year after the headset’s price was increased by $100 (roughly Rs. 8,200) in July 2022.

Meta Quest 3: Specifications

Meta has disclosed important details regarding the specifications of their new headset. The device is equipped with a cutting-edge Snapdragon chipset, presumed to be the Snapdragon XR3 chip. According to the company, this chipset delivers over double the graphical performance compared to the GPU of the Snapdragon XR2, the processor powering the Quest 2 headset. The Quest 3 is set to showcase the highest resolution display ever offered by Meta, along with pancake optics, ensuring seamless performance and enhanced visual details for a more immersive gaming experience.

In contrast to the Quest 2, the recently released Quest 3 headset from Meta showcases redesigned Touch Plus controllers that eliminate the need for outer tracking rings. Meta has stated that the Quest 3 supports hand tracking by default, with Direct Touch support. The newly designed controllers also incorporate TruTouch haptics, a feature originally found on the Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers. Additionally, these controllers can be obtained separately and are compatible with the Quest 3 headset.

According to Meta, the Quest 3 boasts a 40 percent thinner optic profile (excluding the foam facial interface) when compared to the Quest 2 headset. The front of the device is equipped with a set of sensors; however, it does not offer support for advanced face-tracking capabilities. The newly launched mixed reality headset is designed to be compatible with Meta’s extensive library of games, consisting of 500 VR apps and games, which are currently available for the Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro.


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Updated: 02 Jun 2023, 02:59 PM IST



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