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Stardust your eyes this summer | Fashion Trends

Stardust your eyes this summer | Fashion Trends

The last two years of the pandemic had us longing for a little bit of magic in our lives and the beauty industry has rightfully delivered. Stardust eyeshadow, the latest sparkly eye trend, is like a sophisticated version of fairy dust for adults. It is quickly becoming one of the season’s dreamiest makeup trends.

A gorgeous combination of a soft glittery and a shimmery eyeshadow (that isn’t too metallic), it makes the wearer look more sophisticated. It manages to draw all the attention as it is usually worn with little else on the face. Since masks are here to stay, it puts all the focus on your eyes in a gentle way.

It is understandable that the trend has quickly caught on with makeup lovers everywhere. With its ethereal look and diffused application, it is 100% wearable during the day with a jeans and T-shirt look. It feels particularly fresh after the last few years of matte eye looks — and a year without makeup.

How to go about it?

Since this eye makeup trend is simple and straightforward, the key is to pick the right product to complete the look. The product holds the potential to make or break the eyeshadow’s effect, and it’s important to remember that different formulas have different results.

To achieve the stardust makeup effect, follow these two simple steps:

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Apply a liquid glitter eyeshadow all over the eyelid.

Line the root of the upper lash with a metallic eyeliner.

Add a few coats of mascara to your eyelashes above and your look is good to go.

Pro-tip: Shimmery cream shadows and tightly packed shimmer pigments can also work well if applied with a stiff brush or your finger. For this subtle glittering look, shimmer shadows with highly pigmented bases will not work as effectively.

If you prefer to use a powder formula on your eyes, pressed pigments that are tightly packed will work best.

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