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Relish Alphonso Mango Cremeux for an exotic summer dessert. Recipe inside

Relish Alphonso Mango Cremeux for an exotic summer dessert. Recipe inside

Mangoes and summers go hand in hand. The smell of fresh mangoes in the air makes us happy like nothing else. Mangoes are the reason that summers are awaited, despite the scorching heat it brings with itself. Mangoes, besides being a super nutritious fruit, is also one of those fruits which are extremely versatile to be used in any dish – be it a breakfast dish or a dinner one or a dessert one. Mango desserts are a favourite among many. While some choose to stick to the traditional mango desserts, some also experiments and brings out better of the fruit.

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Chef Prasad Metrani, Director of Culinary, Conrad Bengaluru shared a super easy and fun recipe of Alphonso Mango Cremeux which will not only satiate your tastebuds, but also make you drool on the style and the plating of the dish. Take a look at the recipe here:

Mango Cremeux:

Ellen and Vire cream – 250ml

Gelatin sheet -8gm

Butter -25gm

Cream cheese – 90gm

Callebaut white chocolate-140gm

Fresh alphonso mango pure-90gm

Chocolate soil:

Caster sugar – 110gm

Callebaut dark chocolate- 55gm

Water- 28ml

Mango ganache (for glazing):

Mango pure – 100ml

Callebaut white chocolate -500gm

Ellen Vere cream -100ml

Gelatin sheet -3no

Water -25ml

For garnish:

Fresh asst. berries

Micro greens

Edible flowers


Cream the butter and cheese together and keep it aside. Meanwhile take a saucepan add Mango pure and Ellen and Vire cream together, cook it until it reaches boiling point. Remove it from the stove, add water-soaked gelatin sheet in it and stain the mixture. Keep it aside until it reaches room temperature. Fold the butter and cheese mixture into it and mold it. Keep it deep freeze for 3 hours. Glaze it with mango ganache. For chocolate soil, cook sugar and water till soft boil stage and add melted chocolate and stir. For mango ganache, boil the cream and pure together. Remove the mixture from stove add chopped chocolate mix it well and add soaked gelatin sheet in it and stain it.

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