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It’s time to address corporate jobs and stress | Health

It’s time to address corporate jobs and stress | Health

Corporate jobs come with a lot of stress and anxiety. The urge and the pressure of having to deliver results in a very short period of time causes employees to adapt to the fast-paced work culture. When they are able to deliver on time, it is fine, but when they are not, deadlines and stress makes them feel a lot more pressure. Speaking to HT Lifestyle, Mr Indroneil Mukerjee, Bach Flower therapist and Psychotherapist said, “Most initiatives are addressing the issues at intellectual levels. They are not life-changing, which is what is required. Also, often the recommendations given to employees call for drastic change in habit and lifestyle, outside-in, which is not easy. Some recommendations demand discipline and investment of time, which also is difficult.”

He further added, “Mental wellness and productivity are closely linked. The conditions mentioned above do not allow employees to be a hundred per cent available, emotionally. An interesting phenomenon which, though having existed for a long time, has recently caught the attention of wellness officers – presenteesim. Arising out of a combination of job insecurity and low self-worth and catalysed by unconscious biases amongst mangers, this condition is affecting both mental wellness as well as productivity – not just in quantitative terms but also qualitative.”

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He further pointed out the mental health issues faced by the senior executives positioned in decision-making levels of the organisation. It is already lonely at the top – not having people to share the stress and the anxiety with. Adding to that, they also face a lot of other issues:

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Stress: They are always in a state of stress – low, medium or chronic. In most cases, they are not aware that they are facing stress issues.

Reliability: They are often made to portray a face of reliability – not being able to show the stress they are facing at the job. This causes them to suppress their true emotions and be unaware of it.

” This can have serious mental health percussions and related physical conditions like heart attack. Incidences of untimely demise of top leaders at an unripe age due to cardiac failure stands testimony,” added Indroneil Mukerjee. He further recommended that people able to retire should undergo therapy to recognise issues of stress, depression and social isolation.

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