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Gaining muscle while losing fat: Here’s how it’s done | Health

Gaining muscle while losing fat: Here’s how it’s done | Health

We have the common notion that fat can be chiseled into muscles through workout. However, that’s not true. Busting this myth about muscles and fat loss, Yash Vardhan Swami, Nutritionist, Health and fitness expert told HT Lifestyle, “First thing we need to understand is that gaining muscle and losing fat are two different phenomenon. So, fat cannot be converted to muscle directly and vice versa. Gaining muscle while losing fat – also called body recomposition – isn’t possible long term but can be a short term. It is possible and can and should be a goal for most beginners and those who are getting back to training after a long break/injury.”

In case we are going back to the workout routine after a long break or a physical injury, it is recommended that we target fat loss as the primary goal that needs to be achieved. However, the workouts we do should also create an optimal environment for gaining muscles. Fat loss, however should be the first goal, and muscle gain can be treated as a bonus that should be achieved simultaneously.

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Here are a few tips from the nutritionist by which fat loss and muscle gain can be achieved:

Calorie deficit: The nutritionist recommended that we must consume lesser calories than the amount of which we are burning through workout. This will further lead to calorie deficit and help in losing fat.

Weight training: Challenge should be introduced to muscles. Yash Vardham Swami said, “We need to expose our muscles to new stimulus – challenge our muscles through progressive overload through weight training.” Progressive overloading refers to lifting more weight than what we lifted in the previous session or simply performing more repetitions of the same weight or increasing variety.

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Protein intake: Protein is extremely essential for muscle gain. It also helps in satiety and optimal fat loss. Hence, it is important to include protein intake in the diet.

Sleep: The nutritionist also recommended 7.5 – 9 hours of sleep in a day in order to accelerate optimal fat loss, muscle gain and even overall health and immunity.

Nutrient deficiencies: Knowing the nutrients that are lacking in the body and fixing the same with proper nutrient intake helps in reaching body recomposition goals. Adding to the same, working on cardiovascular health and managing stress also helps in achieving the goals.

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