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Alia Bhatt’s trainer performs Utkatasana, speaks of benefits | Health

Alia Bhatt’s trainer performs Utkatasana, speaks of benefits | Health

Yoga comes with multiple health benefits for the body. Regular practise of yoga helps in improving the balance, flexibility and the range of motion of the body. It also contributes to improvement of digestion, the quality of sleep and the cardiovascular health. Incorporating yoga in the daily fitness routine helps in relieving the body of chronic pain and illnesses as well. Alia Bhatt and Kareena Kapoor’s yoga trainer Anshuka Parwani keeps reinstating the need of performing yoga on a daily basis to her fans on Instagram. The trainer’s Instagram profile is replete with pictures and videos of several yoga positions and breathing practices. Anshuka ensures to share the daily dose of motivation with her Instagram family with snippets from her own fitness routine.

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Anshuka, a day back, chose to demonstrate Utkatasana. Utkatasana, also known as the Chair Pose or the Fierce Pose is a standing asana that helps in strengthening the muscles of the arms, legs and the shoulders. In a set of pictures shared by Anshuka, the trainer can be seen posing with her arms stretched out in a Namaskar position and her body positioned in a chair position. The trainer also demonstrated a variation of the pose for the ones who have difficulties in stretching their arms. In the variation, Anshuka can be seen performing Utkatasana with her hands folded near to her chest in the Namaskar position. Take a look at her pictures here:

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With the pictures, Anshuka also spoke of the importance of Utkatasana. “This asana improves balance, builds cardiovascular health, helps to tone the abdomen and outer hips and strengthens the biceps and triceps,” read an excerpt of her post. She further added that people with low blood pressure or the ones suffering from back issues or hip problems should refrain from performing this asana.

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