Anti Obesity Day: 5 obesity myths busted by an expert | Health

Anti Obesity Day: 5 obesity myths busted by an expert | Health

Anti Obesity Day 2021: There are sure issues about overweight people that individuals assume with out verification. It is believed that they should be having incorrect consuming habits, a sedentary way of life or lazy perspective in the direction of life. On the opposite excessive, childhood obesity is totally ignored as individuals suppose the child would lose all of the ‘pet fats’ as soon as he/she grows up. The fact is that aside from sedentary way of life and defective meals decisions, there are a number of different elements that would contribute to obesity like genetic causes, ailments like hypothyroidism, insulin resistance or polycystic ovary syndrome, and even sure medicines.

On the event of Anti Obesity Day (November 26), Dr. Ramya Nair, Consultant Physiotherapist, Masina Hospital Reliva Physiotherapy Center busts 5 myths about obesity.

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What is Obesity?

A dysfunction involving extreme physique fats that will increase the chance of well being issues. Obesity happens when an individual’s physique mass index is 25 or larger. The extreme physique fats will increase the chance of significant well being issues from coronary heart hassle, diabetes, arthritis to even reproductive issues. It may also enhance threat of (*5*).

Myths about obesity

Myth 1: Obesity is induced by poor way of life decisions

Fact: “Most obesity programmes blame obesity on poor diet choices and lack of physical activity. It’s common to hear that people with obesity are “lazy” or lack motivation. While diet and lack of exercise may play a role, there are several other factors that contribute to the increase in obesity,” says Dr Nair.

Myth 2: Obese individuals have slower metabolisms

Fact: “The claim that slim people have faster metabolism is a stubborn myth. Larger bodies actually have higher resting metabolic rates because they need more energy to carry out basic functions. Body composition is what plays a big role in how fast metabolism is, not weight. Muscle tissue burns more calories than fat,” says the expert.

Myth 3: Obesity is an issue just for adults

Fact: Early childhood is a interval of speedy progress and subsequently many individuals assume that younger kids who’ve further fats would finally lose it. But kids do not essentially outgrow obesity or being obese, says the expert.

Myth 4: Obesity runs in my household, so I shall be overweight

Fact: “There are genetic factors when it comes to obesity. However, just because traits are inherited doesn’t mean you will become obese. Moderate changes to your surroundings and lifestyle can help you lower your weight and reduce your risk of obesity,” says Dr Nair.

Myth 5: Obesity is induced by an absence of bodily exercise and unhealthy consuming

Fact: “While the weight gain that leads to obesity is attributed to consuming more calories than a person is expending through physical activity, research shows that the root cause of obesity is more complicated,” says Dr Nair.

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