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Mortality fee of 40-70% in Nipah virus instances, says ICMR DG

The physique of a Nipah virus-infected affected person buried in Kozhikode in 2018 by Medical doctors and family members carrying protecting gear. Reuters File Photograph

The mortality fee amongst individuals contaminated with the Nipah virus is “extremely high” between 40 to 70 per cent in comparison with COVID-19, mentioned ICMR DG Rajiv Bahl as instances in Kerala mount to 6, with yet another individual testing optimistic on Friday.

“If COVID was 2-3 per cent, mortality in Nipah virus is 40-70 per cent. Mortality is extremely high,” Bahl mentioned.

‘All contaminated got here in touch of 1 index affected person’

Bhal additional mentioned the Indian Council of Medical Analysis (ICMR) “do not know why Nipah cases keep surfacing in Kerala.”

“In 2018, we found the outbreak in Kerala was related to bats. We are not sure how the infection passed from Bats to humans. The link couldn’t be established. Again we are trying to find out this time. It always happens in the rainy season,” Bahl mentioned.

“Efforts are on to contain Nipah outbreak… To my understanding, most of the cases of Nipah virus in Kerala and contacts of one index patient so far,” the ICMR DG mentioned.

Methods to forestall unfold of Nipah virus?

Talking to the media, Bahl mentioned there are 4 to 5 measures, a few of them precisely the identical as these taken in opposition to COVID to limit the unfold of Nipah virus. These additionally embrace repeated hand washing, masks.

Nipah virus may also unfold via droplets from an contaminated individual, he mentioned.

“In this case, the most important is the contact with the human patient because most of the times the first patient gets it from somewhere and the others are contacts of that patient…The third most important thing is staying away or not getting exposed to body fluids, blood. So safety – biosafety, hospital safety, isolation.”

‘Sought 20 extra doses of monoclonal antibody’

The ICMR head mentioned there are monoclonal antibody doses for less than 10 sufferers at current. “No one so far has been administered,” he added.

Bahl additional acknowledged that India will procure 20 extra doses of monoclonal antibody from Australia for the therapy of Nipah virus an infection.

“We got some doses of monoclonal antibody from Australia in 2018. Currently, the doses are available for only 10 patients,” he mentioned.

“Twenty more doses are being procured. But the medicine needs to be given during the early stage of the infection,” he mentioned.

Bahl additionally knowledgeable that monoclonal antibody has been given to 14 sufferers contaminated with Nipah virus exterior India and all of them have survived.

“Only phase 1 trial to establish the safety of the medicine has been done outside. Efficacy trials have not been done. It can only be given as compassionate use medicine,” he added.



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