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‘I picked it, folded it, kissed it, walked with no fear’: Satyam saved Tricolour from Khalistanis at UK embassy

A bunch of rowdy Khalistan extremists descended on the Indian embassy in London on the delivery anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi October 2. They desecrated and insulted the Tricolour (Tiranga), set it on hearth, as Gurcharan Singh, the chief of Dal Khalsa UK poured cow urine throughout India’s nationwide flag and trampled underneath his toes.

It was fairly a spectacle. The police had been current in good numbers to forestall any untoward incident.

The video of the protest went viral. However, additionally went viral a boy who was seen saving the Tricolour after Singh was performed together with his separatist angst. The lad may be seen selecting the Tiranga from behind Singh, hurriedly folding it with reverence and proudly strolling away with, however the violent gathering.

His identify is Satyam Surana. This Pune boy is a pupil of the London College of Economics (LSE), which just lately hit headlines for discrimination in opposition to one other Indian pupil Karan Kataria in pupil physique elections. Kataria had been disqualified for his pro-BJP leanings.
Satyam arrived in London solely 17 days in the past.

NewsLogic interviewed Satyam. Right here is his reminiscence of that day.

“I’m actually glad that individuals are happy with me. It’s the Tricolour that brings us all, all of India collectively. I simply did my responsibility. I simply picked up the flag and went away. The messages I get and the response I get right here is overwhelming. I’m simply so glad for having performed that.

“I got a message that some kind of protest is going on outside the Indian High Commission. The thing was the Indian High Commission had organized a student registration drive and I was helping them in this outreach in my college. I went there after my lectures were over. I saw a crowd of some 500 people.”

“Around 50-60 people were in masks. The Khalistanis were heaping insults on the effigy of our PM and the High Commissioner Mr Doraiswami. They were just shouting pro-Khalistan slogans and spewing Hinduphobic hate.”

“While they were shouting for Khalistan, it was clear that they were targeting a particular party and ideology. They were raising hell against Hindutva.”

“The Tricolour was being insulted al through all along the protest. I saw people have tied our national flag to their legs. Those coming to the protest in their cars had tied the Tricolour to the mud flaps of the vehicles so that it got sullied and was dragged on the road.”

“There was group of around8-10 people who sneaked from behind the police cordon and came in front of the embassy. They trampled the Tricolour under their feet and poured cow urine they had brought in a bottle. I snuck from behind and pulled it after that. In that moment I felt no fear. I forgot there was this whole crowd of blood thirty extremists. I felt that not the Tricolur, but it was me under their feet suffering all that ignominy and insult. I did not plan it, at all. I just felt that it was my duty being an Indian that I should take my flag in my custody and safety.”

“I folded it; put it to my forehead; and I walked away. The police also told me to scoot. These Khalistanis could not understand in that moment what had happened.”

“The flag is now in police custody as evidence.”



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