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Congress MP snatched smoke can from intruders, threw them away

Congress MP Gurjeet Singh Aujla

Congress MP Gurjeet Singh Aujla mentioned that he caught maintain of the 2 people who jumped from the guests’ gallery in Lok Sabha when the winter session was underway on Wednesday.

“He had something in his hand which was emitting yellow-coloured smoke. I snatched it away and continued throwing it outside…This is a major security breach…” Singh mentioned after he and his colleagues safely evacuated from the Parliament.

The Lok Sabha on Wednesday was adjourned until 2 pm after two people jumped from the customer’s gallery and burst smoke canister inside the home. Each of them have been detained by police.

The incident got here on the twenty second anniversary of the Parliament assault of 2001.

Earlier at present, BJP MP RK Singh Patel mentioned that he had who caught maintain of one of many two culprits behind the Parliament safety breach.

Speaking to News18, Patel mentioned, “While we were on our way out I saw a security personnel grappling with one of the perpetrators. I lunged towards him and brought him down by his neck after which several other MPs arrived at the scene. The perpetrator tried to smother us with the smoke canister he was holding.”



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