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Internet 3 Grift W3itch.io Steals Video games, Itch.io’s CSS

Internet 3 Grift W3itch.io Steals Video games, Itch.io’s CSS

A Web3 platform has been discovered to have stolen property in each its design and its content material. W3itch.io claims it’s a “free-as-freedom open market” for video games that emphasizes Web3 expertise like cryptocurrency and NFTs, however it seems to have stolen code from Itch.io and content material from varied creators.

What has W3itch.io stolen and why?

W3itch.io’s theft of Itch.io’s CSS was first seen by Itch.io proprietor Leaf Corcoran, who posted a screenshot of an change between himself and the web site yesterday. Corcoran accuses W3itch.io of “[ripping] off” his web site and of stealing content material from RPGMaker.web “with no obvious consent from the creators”. He additionally posted a request on the W3itch.io Github venture to “take away stolen mental property”, as the web site is a reasonably apparent ripoff of Itch.io’s frontend. Corcoran additionally needs W3itch.io to alter its title and “take away any likeness” to Itch.io from the venture. One fast look at W3itch.io’s web site makes it exhausting to disagree with Corcoran on this one, too. Not solely is the title fairly blatantly only a shortened type of “Web3 Itch.io”, however the design is near-identical. This is a shot of Itch.io’s Video games web page because it seems at time of writing.

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Now, for comparability, here is a shot of the W3itch.io video games web page, which is remarkably comparable.

The W3itch.io games page, which looks an awful lot like Itch.io's

Remarkably, in mild of those accusations, W3itch.io admitted to stealing CSS from Itch.io, which matches past easy design similarity. If the 2 web sites had merely regarded equivalent, we’d be within the realms of commerce costume legislation, which dictates the appear and feel of merchandise. Nonetheless, on condition that the code is lifted wholesale, this…

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