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Pankaj Tripathi to Take Break From Work After 20 Years of Non Stop Work, Says ‘Main Tyaag Dunga’

Pankaj Tripathi Proclaims Effectively-Deserved Break After 20 Years of Nonstop Work: ‘Important Tyaag Dunga’ | Learn The Full Story

Pankaj Tripathi to Take Break From Work After 20 Years of Non Cease Work, Says ‘Important Tyaag Dunga’

Pankaj Tripathi, celebrated for his versatile performances, constantly brings pleasure to audiences every time he graces the display. Considered the reigning determine in each Cinema and the OTT realm, his flawless dialogue supply has earned him immense acclaim. Set to star within the upcoming film Important ATAL Hoon, directed by Ravi Jadhav and penned by Rishi Virmanu, Pankaj portrays the function of Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. The movie, slated for a theatrical launch on January 19, 2024, has already sparked curiosity. In a latest interview with information company ANI, Pankaj hinted at the potential for taking a hiatus from work.

Pankaj Tripathi hints at taking break from appearing

After focusing the final 20 years of his life on work, actor Pankaj Tripathi is now considering of taking a while off to give attention to his private life after the discharge of his movie ‘Main Atal Hoon’. Chatting with ANI, Tripathi mentioned, “If we sleep for eight hours, our body is prepared for 16 hours. During my years of struggle, I used to sleep for eight hours. But now, during these years of success, I am unable to get those eight hours of sleep. Now, I realise the value of those eight hours of sleep. Once the movie (Main Atal Hoon) is released, all promotion activities are done, main tyaag dunga. I’m very determined as a person. If I want to feed in my brains that I want my eight hours of sleep, I’ll get that.”

Pankaj Tripathi on filmmaking challenges

Pankaj Tripathi, identified for his refined appearing talents and various unconventional performances has opened up on what truly goes behind filmmaking and emphasises the challenges that actors face. Tripathi factors out that there’s a lot confusion and false impression in regards to the movie trade and movie fraternity, notably fuelled by updates posted on social media. “People think there is lot of fun happening in film industry. Just because actors make their PR machinery to their fun footages like spotted at an event, airport, etc. People think actors have dreamy life,” the actor mentioned.

He additional mentioned, “Shooting is a very difficult task. For the film ‘Main Atal Hoon’ I had to do prosthetic make up on my face and nose. There is a rule in prosthetic make up that you should stay in at least 22 degree or beyond temperature zone so, that you don’t sweat. Otherwise the prosthetic will start melting and due to which actors get distracted.”



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