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Late Night hosts Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel & others address ‘horror’ of Israel-Hamas war: ‘We didn’t even attempt…’

On Monday, Late Evening hosts Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon took a pause on jokes to handle the ‘horror’ of the lethal assault in Israel over the weekend. In addition they shared their ideas on the retaliatory battle sparked after the assault orchestrated by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

On The Late Present with Stephen Colbert, the host referred to as the Center East “a complex region,” however added that “the complexity of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is immaterial to the horror of this attack.”

He said, “The world is still in shock over the horrific surprise attack that Hamas launched this weekend against Israel. As of this taping, over 900 people in Israel have been killed, including 11 Americans and an unknown number of civilians and soldiers have been kidnapped, including U.S. citizens. As the conflict continues, nearly 700 people have been killed in Gaza.”  “It is heartbreaking to see violence escalate, and we hope and pray that someday peace is possible,” added the host.

Persevering with his monologue, he revealed why it was humanly potential to try to ship jokes at this second. “We always try our best to talk about what everybody’s talking about today, but we didn’t even attempt to write jokes about this,” he stated. “The human mind simply refuses to do it — even AI refused to do it.”

“We went on to ChatGPT, and this is true, it responded: ‘The Middle East conflict is a serious and ongoing situation that affects many lives, and making jokes about such matters can easily be seen as insensitive, disrespectful or offensive to those who are suffering as a result,’” Colbert learn to the viewers. “I, for one, want to commend our future robot overlords. That is a rare show of humanity from something that can’t identify which photos contain a traffic light.”

Sharing his assertion of solidarity with Israel, Jimmy Kimmel took a dig at former President Donald Trump and stated, “Leaders from all around the world condemned the attack, as did millions of Americans including our super-duper pro-Israel, former President Donald Trump, who immediately found a way to make it about himself. “He wrote, ‘The horrible attack on Israel, much like the attack on Ukraine, would never have happened if I were president. Zero chance.’”

Telling his Jimmy Kimmel Stay! viewers, “That’s right. If he was president, we’d all be blissfully downing jiggers of bleach. There’d be no war anywhere.”

Sharing a short assertion on the Tonight Present Starring Jimmy Fallon, the host advised viewers, “I just want to send our love to everyone affected by the attacks in Israel over the weekend. By now we’ve all seen the terrible images coming out of there, and our hearts go out to everyone who’s been impacted.”

“I’m sure you all are aware of the atrocities that were committed against Israel this weekend. They were monstrous and horrific acts of violence,” the Late Evening With Seth Meyers host stated in the direction of the top of his monologue. “I can’t fake to have any solutions as to how to answer a disaster like this. I’ll solely say that within the moments once we are confronted with such evil, inhumane acts: We’re most susceptible to dropping our personal humanity once we are justifiably blind with rage and unhappiness.



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