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Jawan For Oscars? Director Atlee Wants Shah Rukh Khan’s Film to Go For Academy Awards

Amid Jawan Success, Atlee Wants Shah Rukh Khan’s Film to Go For The Oscars

‘Jawan Should Go For The Oscars, Will Ask Shah Rukh Khan…’, Says Atlee

Jawan Success: Today is Jawan’s day 12 and the Shah Rukh Khan film is unstoppable. Jawan movie has been making noise at the box office window in India and worldwide with its whopping collection of Rs 430 crore and Rs 858 crore. Recently, director Atlee in a candid conversation with a media portal talked about the success of Jawan and his wish to send the film to the Oscars.

Atlee, who has 10 years of directorial experience, spoke to E-Times about the success of Jawan and how Shah Rukh Khan’s character Vikram Rathore was made. “I come from a base where I have learned a craft, a very solid craft. I worked with Shankar sir, MGR sir, Rajni sir. A lot of mass superstars have given a theory of how to make a mass film. So I’m from that base and I’ve learned the craft from there. Of course, it should reflect and it will. I’m happy and proud to do that too.”

On Jawan’s success and film eyeing Rs 1000 crore, Atlee said the news portal, “I don’t ponder about whether we have done a successful film or not. I stick to my happiness. Whether my happiness is reflected on screen and even the audience is getting happy or not? If they don’t get happy, that’s the day I’m going to feel, ‘Oh! it’s not working’. This is what I feel about the success ratio and that’s my understanding of giving a plus and minus.

‘Jawan Should Go For The Oscars’: Atlee

Atlee, who has never delivered a flop movie, takes the cinema to a global level. When asked about taking the film to the Oscars, he showed interest and said, “Of course, even Jawan should go, if everything falls in place. I think every effort, everybody, every director, every technician who is working in cinema, their eyes are on the Golden Globes, Oscars, National Awards, every award. So, definitely, yeah, I would also love to take Jawan to the Oscars. Let’s see. I think Khan sir will watch and read this interview. I will also ask him over a call, ‘Sir, should we take this film to the Oscars?’”

While speaking to ANI, the Jawan director shared his vision for the film started in 2019. “I brought the script in Feb 2020… Then we were stuck with the Covid situation. It is an ensemble film with many star cast and extras, it is a grandeur action-packed film. To execute such a film we had to wait… We delivered the film on September 7… Every filmmaker goes through a lot of challenges… A lot of takeaways are there in terms of creativity… I have learnt how to handle action on a larger scale and international standard… Now, I am also growing as a filmmaker, it is great learning to work in Jawan”, said Atlee.



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