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BTS RM Makes Indian ARMY Go Crazy, Talks About Visiting India, Reveals How He Got Scars And Mentions Military Service

Main singer RM a.okay.a Kim Namjoon went stay on Tuesday night he shared how he ended up having a scar on his face which made the followers apprehensive. This is what the lead singer shared with the BTS military… 

BTS RM Makes Indian ARMY Go Loopy Talks About Visiting India Reveals How He Received Scars And Mentions Army Service

BTS lead vocalist RM also referred to as Kim Namjoon, hosted a stay session on Weverse, and he engaged in talking on attention-grabbing matters together with BTS members Jungkook, Jimin, and V (Kim Taehyung).  On Tuesday night, RM went stay and shared that he desires to go to India. The singer additionally talked about his impending army service throughout the livestream with the BTS military. RM opened up about how he ended up having a number of scars on his face which made followers apprehensive. Right here’s what the lead singer of the BTS needed to say to the BTS military…

RM’s Plan on Visiting India

When requested about visiting India, RM replied, “Yeah, I’d like to go there someday.” “I mean, why not?” In a dialog with the BTS Military, a fan requested “When asked which nation he would like to visit to unwind?”, RM mentioned, “Definitely Switzerland or Iceland Do I want to do Bon Voyage again?” he mentioned. “Absolutely.” When requested what he’s at the moment engaged on, RM mentioned, “You will find out very soon.” Surprises are at all times welcome.” Listening to this many BTS followers in India are fairly excited to fulfill RM.

RM Talks About Army Service

Whereas a determined fan confirmed up asking RM about his driver’s license, the lead singer unravelled his plans to hitch the army service. He mentioned, “Not yet but after military service.” He additionally added, “1.5 months left till the end of the year? Why is time going by so fast?” One other fan throughout the livestream requested RM what presents he expects throughout Christmas. RM cleverly dealt with the dialog he replied “Haha… I’ll just stop here.” BTS Military at all times retains a detailed eye on their singers, followers stormed into the remark part of the stay stream asking about RM’s hair. The lead singer mentioned “Talking about his hair, RM said, “My hair? I don’t think I can grow it out anytime soon. Don’t be sad I’ll be able to sometime later.”

RM Reveals His Favorite Music by Jungkook

In the course of the interplay with the BTS Military followers additionally requested RM’s favorite music composed by Jungkook that is what RM mentioned: “Standing Next To You, Hate You, Maybe 3D.”About Jimin, V, and Jungkook, RM acknowledged, “Have I recently had a meal with the members?  his answer was “No.” He added, “But Jimin, Jungkook, and Tae appear to be having a good time these days.” The vocalist on a number of events sang a few songs of the BTS members.

Lead Singer Opened How He Received Damage

RM in his livestream opened up concerning the wounds he obtained when he was younger. pointing at his scar he mentioned, “Yeah, these are all bruises. I believe there is still a scar.” The singer pointed at his lip space. RM  additionally added “I have a scar here from when I was younger. My eye? I received around five stitches. I was filming something and the camera was too close and slid against that place, so I had to stop filming and go to the hospital immediately away, but I’m alright now.”

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