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Pulkit Agarwal Founder of Ridiculous Dragons Talks About The Aim Of His NFT Project

Pulkit Agarwal Founder of Ridiculous Dragons Talks About The Aim Of His NFT Project

Today digital artworks constitute a million-dollar industry, thriving in this storm, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and cryptocurrency have created a hype that has made investors take an interest in exploring the new assets of learning. However, India is still getting used to virtual currency and trading. There are only a few fully-fledged platforms that provide NFT trading in the country and one of the prospering NFT minting projects of India is Ridiculous Dragons. Ridiculous Dragons is a newly launched NFT project that aims to create a flourishing marketplace and allow the purchase and sale of NFTs by the minute.

Pulkit Agarwal, the Founder of Ridiculous Dragons shared his initial thoughts and aims that led him to launch this new NFT project.

1. Tell us about your experience so far and what encouraged you to cultivate the idea of launching Ridiculous Dragons? 

Honestly, my experience so far has been very positive. I along with my partner Shagun Singh (Founder and CEO) have been closely associated with cryptocurrency since 2013 and we launched our own digital NFT project ‘Ridiculous Dragons’ in April, this year. We have a lot of investors in the market because of our experience in cryptocurrency trading. Non-fungible tokens, cryptocurrency, and other virtual assets have always fascinated me, and we have consistently worked for eight years in this field. My profound curiosity about learning and then guiding others with that knowledge is intensive. I have always pursued what I liked which led me to build this unique project for my community. I started analysing information and understanding more and more about digital assets to make the procedure more accessible for those who want to trade via crypto. My encouragement is based on the idea of making Ridiculous Dragons one of the leading NFT projects in India.

2. What are some milestones your project has achieved and how does it feel?

Well, we have been blessed to have touched some major milestones in a very short span of our launch. Within a mere span of a week, we have been successful in reaching the milestone of selling 60% of our total listings (6020 of the total 9999 exclusive NFTs, each priced at 0.24 BNB, BNB was trading approximately 400$ at that time) and currently within the span of approximately 1 month we have sold over 84 percent of our total listing. Moreover, recently, a well-known Cricketing personality, Riyan Parag and Shashvat Nakrani, BhartPe Co-founder also invested in our project. It feels great to witness such a massive response from people and we promise to work towards providing our NFT holders with rich dividends.

3. Ridiculous Dragons is a unique platform in itself but how do you plan to stand out from the crowd in the future? 

It’s me and my team’s responsibility to make everything about this project look distinctive and unique. In comparison to other projects, we are successfully expanding, and we intend to keep our guards up and work on authenticity. Our revenue generation will cross INR 10 crores by the end of this year. And our earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization is 94 percent. Moreover, the features that will be introduced by us comprise a play-to-earn game in which the Dragon holders (NFT holders) will get an opportunity to play and earn our token that will be built on Binance Smart Chain. Additionally, we are all set to launch a Premium Crypto Trading group that aims to create a community of NFT holders and provide them with a plethora of benefits related to crypto trading. 

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4. Have you faced any challenges till now and what is your secret mantra to deal with them?

I believe there’s no shortcut to success, so yes, I and my team have faced a few obstacles while making our way to the zenith. However, when you have made up your mind then there couldn’t be any hurdles that could stop us from conquering our aim. We still have the same enthusiasm and we still deal with the problems in the most humble way. Although challenges are a part of one’s journey, I hope whatever has to come, will be manageable and can be dealt with immediately. According to me, teamwork, a positive attitude, and knowledge lead to ultimate success, so I would like to advise everyone who is looking for suggestions, that there is no easy way to grab success, but hard work definitely pays off. 

5. What are your visions for the future of your company?

Ridiculous Dragons have quickly established itself as one of the leading NFT projects in India. We already have received some funding offers/interest in the tune of a good multiplier from our current revenue from both Indian and international investors to expedite the processing speed. Now the focus is centered on the milestones which we still have to conquer which are in progress. One of the big steps will be the launching of our own Premium Crypto Trading group, where any of our Dragon Holders (NFT owners) can buy or sell NFTs. There is certainly a lot more to come, our upcoming exclusive offers and deals will make this exciting. Whereas our major aim is to make people’s investments as profitable as possible and get more awareness of NFT.

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