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‘Naseeruddin Shah is the idiot of the highest order,’ says ‘The Kashmir Files’ actor Puneet Issar

Naseeruddin Shah’s remarks on films like The Kashmir Files, The Kerala Story, and Gadar 2 didn’t go down very well with the people who made them. Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri had a rather vociferous take on Shah’s statement and now Puneet Issar, who acted in The Kashmir Files, has also lashed out at the Sparsh star.

In a statement, he said, “Naseeruddin Shah is the idiot of the highest order, and just a loose cannon. He is such a great actor and I respect him, but this is just not done. His statements are very uncalled for. He has got verbal diarrhea.”

He added, “He has also made fun of Rajesh Khanna. Someone should go and tell him Khanna’s flop films have also made more money than he has earned in his lifetime. A majority of the people have liked The Kashmir Files, and the film has done well on its own merit. You have to accept the audience’ verdict. And if he shuns commercial cinema so much, then why did he do Jalwa and other such films? Voice of people is the voice of God.”

Naseeruddin Shah shares his thoughts 

Naseeruddin Shah was promoting his directorial venture Man Woman Man Woman. During an interview with Free Press Journal to promote his project, the actor said that ‘it is disturbing that films like Kashmir Files are so massively popular’. Speaking on how the objective of filmmaking has changed in the last few years, the actor noted that it is not enough to love your country these days and rather beat drums about it and create imaginary enemies, which is harmful.

Naseeruddin Shah calls Gadar 2’s popularity disturbing

Speaking further, the veteran actor added, “In fact, films like Kerala Story and Gadar 2, I haven’t seen them but I know what they are about, it’s disturbing that films like Kashmir Files are so massively popular whereas films made by Sudhir Mishra, Anubhav Sinha, and Hansal Mehta, who are trying to portray the truth of their times don’t get seen. But it’s important that these filmmakers don’t lose heart and continue telling stories.”



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