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7 Statements Naseeruddin Shah Made About Industry And Movies That Created Controversy

7 controversial statements made by Naseeruddin Shah That shocked Bollywood. Learn!

7 Statements Naseeruddin Shah Made About Business And Films That Created Controversy

Naseeruddin Shah has by no means shied away from being outspoken. His private opinions have persistently sparked significant discussions on matters starting from politics and faith to cinema and others. Just lately in an interview, Naseeruddin Shah made an announcement that may create controversy. Check out his seven most delicate statements on Bollywood business and films that created controversy:

Dara Singh ki ek movie itni buri thi…

In a current interview, Naseeruddin Shah revealed that his childhood went watching Dara Singh’s films. He mentioned it loud and clear, “One of them were so bad but still I watched it”. “Dara Singh ji acting karte the, and meine unki saari films dekhi hain. Mujhe vishwas nahi hota ek film kitni buri ho sakti hai, lekin dekhta mein sab tha because I was fascinated. He was the first person who turned actor from athlete”, Naseeruddin Shah mentioned in his newest interview with Yuvaa.

Naseeruddin Shah couldn’t watch RRR and Pushpa, criticised the movies

Naseeruddin Shah not too long ago commented on RRR and Pushpa and clearly mentioned he didn’t prefer it. Shah additionally mentioned that he was unable to look at each the movies because of their portrayal of hypermasculinity. “I couldn’t watch RRR and Pushpa. But, I did watch Mani Ratnam’s Ponniyin Selvan because he is an eminent filmmaker with no agenda. I cannot imagine what people get from watching these films. I would never watch them.” In a special section of the identical interview, he additionally questioned ladies liking ‘RRR’ and mentioned, “I don’t know how many women liked RRR.”

I used Filmfare awards as washroom door handles…

Naseeruddin Shah made an explosive assertion whereas giving an interview to Lallantop. He confessed that he used Filmfare Awards to make washroom door handles. He mentioned, “Any actor who has put their life and effort into portraying a role is a good actor. If you just pick one person from the lot and say that ‘this is the best actor of the year’, how’s it fair? I am not proud of those awards. I did not even go collect the last two awards I received. So, when I built a farmhouse I decided to put these awards there. Whoever goes to the washroom will get two awards each as the handles are made of the Filmfare awards.”

Movies like Gadar 2, The Kashmir Information are so massively widespread, it’s dangerous, disturbing…

Naseeruddin Shah is disturbed by the ‘massive’ reputation of Bollywood movies The Kashmir Information, The Kerala Story, and Gadar 2. In his interview with Free Press Journal, he mentioned that the filmmakers of those films are doing one thing ‘very harmful’. Shah’s assertion learn, “Films like Kerala Story and Gadar 2, I haven’t seen them but I know what they are about, it’s disturbing that films like Kashmir Files are so massively popular whereas films made by Sudhir Mishra, Anubhav Sinha, and Hansal Mehta, who are trying to portray the truth of their times don’t get seen. But it’s important that these filmmakers don’t lose heart and continue telling stories.”

Mainstream cinema has ruined the style of the viewers…

Whereas speaking to IANS, Naseeruddin Shah mentioned, “Our mainstream cinema has ruined the taste of the audience forever. Filmmaker Satyajit Ray mentioned this thing in his book titled ‘Our films, their films’ which he wrote 50 years ago. He wasn’t running down Indian films but he was merely comparing the Indian filmmakers with international filmmakers. It’s been over 100 years for our cinema, and our mainstream cinema keeps making the same kind of films, many stories that you find in mainstream films can be found in Indian epics like ‘Mahabharata’ which is one of the greatest epics written. Every mainstream film that you see in India has some or other references from the; Mahabharata’. Either that or Shakespeare. Every cliche in Hindi mainstream cinemas has been heavily borrowed from Shakespeare.”

When Naseeruddin Shah referred to as Rajesh Khanna a poor actor

Naseeruddin Shah made controversial remarks concerning the late actor Rajesh Khanna in 2016, referring to him as a poor actor. His remarks acquired vital backlash from followers and colleagues, who defended the late actor’s contribution to Indian cinema and questioned Shah’s perspective.

When Naseeruddin Shah referred to as Anupam Kher a clown

Naseeruddin criticised Anupam Kher for his alleged sycophantic conduct. This unfiltered remark from a fellow business colleague stunned many and led to a widespread dialogue about skilled courtesy and respect throughout the movie business.



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